Scarecrows are weird creatures. Actually they are not creatures at all.. mere things.. lifeless things.. inanimate dumb creatures.. sorry things. However, they bear close resemblance to us. Yes! we human beings are very similar to scarecrows though we are living creatures… not always full of life force but always afraid of the drag called death.. we just like them stand aimlessly. Sometimes we walk.. umm .. that’s not enough.. we run but we are quite unaware of what we are doing. Scarecrows once made, stand still, static at the same place, they enjoy sunshine, bathe in cold dew at night, endure rain and fight thunderstorms with the same enthusiasm.. but they are still aimless and they aren’t aware of it. With a smile on their face they fool themselves.. stupidly imagine to be flying with the crows.. those crows which never miss an opportunity to peck on their heads.. those crows which they are seldom successful in scaring away. In my grandpa’s farm, their used to be an old aged scarecrow perhaps of the same age as my grandpa..who knows may be older. Its smile was gone.. it wasn’t their on its round earthen face anymore. But my grandpa still smiles.. he is still good at fooling himself and the others. Perhaps that’s what makes us different .. we human beings and the scarecrows.. though sedentary at core, aimless, clueless, hardworking, dutiful.. we emerge out as the superior ones..



The Psycho…




No Space for Faith..

Can you tell me why, the sky is so high?

Can you tell me if I can fly?

The wind is strong and the journey’s long,

Would you catch me if I fall,

Or would you let me die?

I fear fear

What if its not an oasis?

What if its a mirage!

I am too tired a traveller

Consumed enough to be wise

Doubtful of my senses

If it is real or mere disguise..

The Psycho…



Can you see smoke rising from somewhere in the depths of your favourite coffee mug?

Can you hear it whisper your name?

Can you see it dancing in the air,

Taking different shapes with different blows of air?

Time ticks by,

And the shapes are no more recognizable

You question your perception

Is it true or mere deception?

Smoke stops taking your name

First you doubt your senses then, your fame

An utter silence spreads

Once annoying you crave for the whisper again,

But its gone..

Merged with the vast empty space which now surrounds you

Don’t stay awake, try to fall asleep,

Close your eyes and weep

Weeping is not an easy thing: it requires tears

Trade some for your fears

And cry

Come back to the ground,  you must be bored of the sky

Now can you equate,

That you can’t differentiate ,

An emptiness inside yourself

And the space outside?


One of the most important questions of all time “Why? ” Almost everything  begins with a Why and ends with another. Isn’t it funny that the word WHY itself ends with a Y? Now coming to the point “Why did I decide to create a blog? ”  The answer is quite a simple one. I didn’t decide anything, it just happened. I was reading something on WordPress and my nerves compelled me to click create a blog button. So simple!

However now that I have created a blog I would keep on writing crap every now and then, that I used to share with my… umm… aaaa…. lets talk about it some other day.

Since its my first blog let me make it clear that I am not a writer I am just a heap of emotions whom no one dares to mess up with.

The Psycho…